Orthopaedics: The Charles J August Joint Replacement Center

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Meet Our Team

Anesthesiologist - A physician who provides medical care to patients during surgical procedures by ensuring the delivery of anesthesia safely to patients.

Environmental Services - These staff members protect the patients by keeping the patients’ environment clean and disinfected.

Nutrition Consultant - Create programs to educate their patients on maintaining individualized, healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise.

Occupational Therapist (OT) - Guiding you in performing daily tasks with your new joint, like bathing and dressing. Often demonstrating special equipment used in your home following surgery.

OR Nurse - Specifically prepared in the scientific basis of nursing and assists doctors and surgeons in the operating room.

Orthopaedic Clinician - Helps to coordinate daily activities, a resource for patients and staff, coordinates the volunteer program and assists with community education.

Orthopaedic Program Director - Your advocate throughout the entire course of treatment - from before your surgery to after your discharge - and will be helping you create a personalized joint replacement plan. This is the person to answer your questions and coordinate each aspect of your hospital visit.

Orthopaedic Social Worker - Available to assist you and your loved ones with any concerns and assist you with your plan for services needed after your hospital stay.

Orthopaedic Surgeon - The skilled joint replacement specialist who will repair your damaged joint.

PACU Nurse - There to help you in the post anesthesia unit after you come out of the operating room.

Pharmacist - A medical professional who is qualified to prepare and dispense prescription medication.

Physical Therapist (PT) - Guiding your return to functional daily activities, training you and your coach in safe transfer techniques, and teaching exercises to aid in regaining your mobility after surgery.

Physician Assistant - Physician Assistants, also known as PAs, practice medicine under the direction of physicians and surgeons.

Pre-AN nurse - Similar to A PACU nurse, a Pre-An nurse is there to help you before your anesthesia and operation.

Registered Nurse (RN) - Your daily care coordinator, ensuring orders given by your physician are completed, including medications and monitoring your vital signs.

Tech - Assists with patient care and gathers information for the nursing staff.

Volunteers - Graduates of our joint replacement center program who donate their time to the program, staff and patients.

Our team earned The Joint commission's Gold Seal of Approval.
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