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What is the single biggest health issue facing women today?
    - Cancer?
    - Osteoporosis?
    - Too many demands on our time?

The answer: None of the above.

It's heart disease.

Surprised? Most women are. Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women (men, too).

Each year, about 370,000 women die of heart disease, making it the Number 1 killer of women. Another 93,000 women die each year of stroke. Although death rates from heart disease and stroke have declined in recent years, these conditions still rank first and third, respectively, as causes of death for women.

Despite these facts, a recent survey of women in Monroe County found that fewer than one in five local women express concerns about heart health to their doctors. Fewer than one in three even realize that heart disease is their greatest health risk. Sixty-seven percent believe being screened for heart disease is as important as getting a mammogram, yet only 10% of those surveyed have participated in a heart screening. Click here for full research report.

Unity Health System seeks to: