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Unity MedReady - Medication Monitoring System

Unity offers a safe, convenient, and automated solution designed to address one of the biggest problems in health care – medication management.

Unity’s MedReady medication alert system organizes and sends reminders so medications are taken properly and on time.

Under the medication alert system, a caregiver can log onto a secure web site and watch how their loved one is doing with taking their medications. They will know if pills are missed or being taken improperly and can follow up before a problem occurs.

Unity MedReady provides:

  • A safe convenient way to manage medications 
  • Encourages better self-care and medication use
  • Reduces the risk of hospital admissions associated with dosing errors

Messages can be sent via email, text, or voice to alert caregivers of missed doses and refill requests.

Unity MedReady
89 Genesee Street
Rochester, NY 14611
(585) 723-7444

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